My husband Dave, son Bill and myself are the keepers of our castle in the woods. Together we maintain and keep up this 60 acre property. Here at the Inn, Dave has designed endless color in our gardens and Bill works to keep us from adding more. His job is all the mowing and major projects we're always working on. As for me, I say I am the weed-keeper and sometimes I keep them right where they are.

For years I had a licensed kitchen before we opened the inn and created wedding cakes all over Northern Michigan. So, I have a long time working relationship with many of the vendors in our area. I have also visited many of the venues in the region and have tried to incorporate the best of them, here at Horton Creek.

We believe with the two different venues we offer, the Inn or the Pond, you will find one to work for sure. Let us share in the excitement and creation of your special day.


Our gardens and woodlands are the perfect setting for your outdoor wedding in any season.

The flowers and the tree blossoms of spring, the lush gardens and water features of summer,

in autumn the trees are ablaze with color and winter turns the grounds into a silent wonderland of fresh fallen snow.